Red River Communications, Inc is a technology-oriented company with national presence and capabilities. Members of our staff are known throughout the telecommunications industry for their knowledge and experience in all facets of Information Technology (IT) management, engineering, installation and operations and maintenance services on Base Telecommunications Systems (BTS). Our management and technical team have been involved in providing these services throughout the industry for over 40 years.

Red River is a leader in the telecommunications industry based on our ability to provide our customers with innovative, cost effective technical solutions to meet their specified requirement.

Red River’s engineers and technicians are highly qualified and trained to meet any IT requirement. These individuals possess the expertise required to design, engineer, install and upgrade Switching systems, IT systems and Outside Plant (OSP) cable facilities.

Red River holds a unique and enviable position within the telecommunications industry as a direct result of our skilled professionals, who are located throughout the United States.


Red River currently provides telecommunications and IT engineering, operation, maintenance and management services for the following switching systems:


• Nortel MSL 100

• Lucent 5ESS

• Nortel Meridian 1
• Avaya 8700
• Avaya G3r
• Avaya G3si

• NEC 2400

Red River provides the following IT and telecommunication services:


• Engineer, Install & Upgrade Fiber Optic Local/Wide Area Networks

• Engineer, Install & Upgrade CAT 5e and 6 Local Area Networks

• Operate and Maintain Switching Systems

• Engineer, Install & Upgrade Switching Systems

• Operate and Maintain OSP Facilities

• Engineer, Install & Upgrade Metallic & Fiber Optic Outside Plant (OSP) Cable Facilities

• Update, Maintain & Operate Telephone Management System (TMS)

• Update, Maintain & Operate AUTOCAD/Microstation Systems

Red River is on the move to become the premier provider of telecommunications and information technology services to the Department of Defense and its customers.  What makes us attractive is our challenging work, an entrepreneurial environment, exceptional people to work with, an informal non-bureaucratic culture and excellent compensation opportunities. The principal ingredients are qualified personnel, our contacts with professional consulting agencies, teaming partners, subcontractors, and our informal communications network of contacts nationwide.


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